The hardest bit was getting out the door.

I played five-a-sides every Monday but had missed a string of games. The old engine couldn’t keep up with the effort needed anymore, making the wonder strike from the left boot all the harder to achieve. It was more likely to boot the opposition than fire a screamer into the top corner. Just start running they said…

I was down at the in-laws, it was around 8:30am, the wee fella hadn’t come down for breakfast yet and I thought

Right, I’m just going for it

I ate a banana, drank a pint of water, put on my running gear (see my fancy gear below) and out I went.

Running in hiking boots…. love it!

Jeez I tried too much. I ended up running four miles, going too fast and once finished, I felt like the veins were about to explode out of my head. And my legs….ouch!

But it was good, a nice route along the canal, quiet in the morning and a new early morning alertness I hadn’t felt for quite some time.

I must admit, I didn’t just go for it there and then. There had been many times before when I thought, “Today’s the day” then couldn’t be bothered.

So just go for it, take the step out the door – run/walk, run as fast or as slow as you want, just do what you want and you’ll not be long in finding what works for you.