Looking to lace up those trainers for the first time? Read on.

There’s no need to rush out and buy loads of stuff just to go for your first run. Any old trainers, some comfortable clothes and off you go. All you need to do for the E6C is run six miles in a week. Break it up however you like. Do 3 x 2 mile runs, run a mile every day and take a day off, whatever works for you, fit it in when it suits you. See what Kev’s did on his first run.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love to see your stats. Download Strava to your phone, start recording your runs and you’ll be amazed looking back at the progress you’ve made.

Starter tips

  • Go at a pace that is comfortable – you should be able to hold a conversation
  • Assess your own fitness – start with a 10, 20, or 30 minute run and don’t worry if you have to walk some of it
  • Plan your route beforehand

Starter LINKS

If you’re new to running, some ideas for getting started can be found on Runners World and the NHS Couch to 5k programme

Don’t worry if you don’t get six miles straight away, it’s part of the challenge!

Need more ideas for a training plan?

Hills, fartleks, long runs, get some training ideas.

from 6 miles a week to 6 miles a day

Be inspired as Kev goes from 2 miles to 20.

need some ideas of where to go running?

Have a look at some of the streets we pound.