Longest run streak wins

A wee change to the monthly challenge and the winner would be who could run the most consecutive days. High mileage wasn’t on anyone’s minds as October’s big focus was completing the Great Scottish Run. Kenny, Ali, Anna and Kev smashed it, recording great times along the way. We’ll link here to Ali’s report once she finally does it but in the meantime Kev: 1:21:35, Kenny: 1:35:40, Ali: 1:43:51, Anna: 1:51:20.

The challenge didn’t start until 11 October so the GSR runs weren’t included in any total. Martin enjoyed a wee trip to a hilly Oban Parkrun, whilst Kenny attended his very first Parkrun at Victoria. Ali battled some ongoing injury problems and Kev went down a hole never to return.

Kev ran on one day only so his chances of a streak victory were non-existent. Martin squeezed a few runs in and managed two streaks of two days each. It was down to the Lockes – Ali ran ten days and Kenny ran 11 but who got the biggest streak. Good effort from an injured Ali with two streaks of three days but Kenny smashed it with a five day streak.

Kenny takes home the title and also managed to clock up the most miles and ran the most days. Kev ran 6.4 miles on one day – MUST TRY HARDER. Well done Martin, no longer the course sweeper.