GGR Training Runs – most miles wins

This was a monumental month! THE BATTLE WAS EPIC. Ali’s in the lead, Kev steals top spot, Ali is top dog. Back and forth it went like Liverpool v Newcastle in April 1996.

Ali, Kenny and Kev had their half marathon training plans to follow and Martin was once again looking to restore some pride. The school holidays were also coming to an end so the E6Cers took the opportunity to pack their running shoes on their travels. Trips to the beautiful Argyll and Harris featured in the Strava activity feed.

Wee gin after your run?

It was another month with a good variety of sessions recorded: mile reps, threshold intervals, progression runs and easy runs.

Ali and Kev pushed each other all the way – 54m v 53.5m, 83.7m v 83.8m, 88.7m v 88.7. In the end Ali won a well-deserved challenge, beating Kev by 8m (114m v 106m). She was on a roll and gave Kenny a hiding on the Strava segments in Harris too.

Kev got a new pair of gutties and gave them a debut hungover 12 mile ‘pick the car up’ run, holding sub 7s on the way.

New Adidas Bostons for Kev

There were a couple of race highlights too for Kev, finishing 6th at Victoria Parkrun in 18:14 as part of his club’s, Maryhill Harriers, Summer 5k Series and 27th at the Bella Belter 10k in 38:00.

It was a case of gout and out for Kenny, whose miles took a big hit halfway through the month.

Martin showed his commitment to the cause by missing the sign up period for the Great Scottish Run and took home the course sweeper yet again.

The month was brought to a close with talks of Marcothon only to be ruled out by everyone except nutjob Ali, and Gordon demonstrated he still has the hunger by signing up for the 2018 Stirling Marathon and pondering trying to complete 5k in 20mins by the end of September.

Well done on the win Ali, get fired into the gin!