Well it’s a wee bit less now…

It isn’t that I had forgotten about the upcoming marathon, I just hadn’t been giving it much thought other than trying to make sure I was getting some decent mileage in. A reminder popped up in my email the other day from Great Run – it was 26 February and the big picture screamed that it was only 12 weeks to go! Mmmmm, it’s starting to feel a bit more real now. Better get planning for the Stirling Marathon.

So this is my attempt at recognising what level I’m at and trying to put a bit of a plan in place. The chart below shows the erratic nature of my running over the past 12 weeks.

Weeks two and three were the build up to Christmas and week seven included the Nigel Barge 10k race which took place on my usual long run day, so that’s my excuses for the drop in mileage (although I managed over 38 miles on week 10, which included the Kirkintilloch 12.5k race). Overall, I don’t think it’s too bad. My long runs are showing a gradual increase since week seven so I’ll persevere with that approach and try not to have too many long runs where I’m nursing a hangover – although a Saturday night stag do ended any thoughts of a long run last week.

My Plan

I have work and family commitments so obviously I can’t just run whenever it suits me. I’ll try to organise my plan around the days I’m most likely to be able to get out. This is what I have to work with:

  • Mondays – rest day
  • Tuesday – club run
  • Wednesday – easy run home from work
  • Thursday – rest day (rarely able to get out for a run)
  • Friday before/after work – fit a run in somewhere, try focus on intervals or hill reps
  • Saturday – sometimes get a run
  • Sunday – long run

I should manage at least 4 runs a week: a club run; easy run home from work; an interval session and a long run. Hopefully I’ll be able to swap a few Thursday and Friday sessions as it takes the pressure off trying to fit three runs in at the end of the week.

I’ve based my schedule on an intermediate plan downloaded from Runners World, using it mainly to set my long run distance and taper weeks. I doubt I’ll be able to follow it religiously but it should put me on the right path. Thursdays and Fridays might end up being swapped about and as long as I get my midweek runs in, I won’t always be running on a Saturday.

See what you think below. Week 1s long run has already been sacrificed so I’ll just claim that as an extra recovery day – legs were a bit sore after the hill reps and a night of dancing. Use the scroll bars to see the full schedule.

Bring it on!